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Moving to a New Location?
Purchasing your Dream Home?
Looking for a Vacation Paradise?
Or maybe Investment Property?

Have you poked around on Real Estate sites
and found Beautiful Homes,
but don't really know the area well,
or the reputations of the Realtors,
or where to turn for guidance?

Good Realtors can be hard to find... but I can help!

Many of you are planning to purchase properties in the USA and/or out of the country in the near future. You would be amazed at how using a Relocation Service can alleviate many concerns. Buying Real Estate can be devastating for folks unaware of the pitfalls associated with purchasing. Gold Key Luxury Homes Relocation Referral Program can benefit you as a purchaser by selecting a proven, professional Realtor to represent you, who's familiar with High-End Real Estate for a personal home, vacation home, or investment property.

The worst thing a buyer could do is to fall into the hands of a Non-Seasoned Realtor who means well, but could easily lead you down the wrong path, wasting time and money. We assure all who choose to work through our Gold Key Luxury Homes Relocation Referral Program, will receive stress-free, Red Carpet Royal Treatment! With years of experience in relocation, allow me to share how this Program works.

You tell me what properties you're interested in. This can be a specific property that you have already located or a general price range, type and location of the property. I will find the very best Realtor in that area who knows how to treat you and your family. I'll make the introductions, and I guarantee you will receive the highest quality service while searching for that perfect property. Gold Key Luxury Homes connects to other Realtors who are ready to provide Concierge Services such as those listed below:
  • Plan per your specifications the style of home; location; amenities; price range etc.
  • Meet you wherever it's most convenient (airport, hotel or at a property site etc).
  • Provide a list of the best restaurants, shopping malls, transportation, etc. to insure an enjoyable experience.
  • Recommendations where Pets can be cared for while away.
  • Reservations (travel, dinner, entertainment, recreation).
  • And much more upon request.
After a successful closing, the Realtor who assisted you has agreed to send a referral fee to Gold Key Luxury Homes. You pay no fee whatsoever for this service.

Special Needs Playground Equipment
Now here's the EXCITING part:
A Thank You for your business!
  • Gold Key Luxury Homes will give you a 10% Referral Fee of the commission received to do with whatever you wish!
  • Our portion received will be donated to Naomi's Playground, a charity that provides playground equipment for special needs children and;
  • Allows you to recommend a Naomi's Playground for your area!
This is the perfect opportunity to give to a worthy charity - all because of your participation!
(All donations are accepted and very much appreciated.)

Are You Ready for Red Carpet Service AND a 10% Referral Fee?
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Gold Key Luxury Homes

As a leader in the Real Estate industry since 1985 and Broker-Owner of Richmond Partners since 1998, I've successfully trained and managed hundreds of agents. I've earned numerous International, National, State, and Local designations and awards as a motivational, inspirational, and educational speaker. I've traveled and worked hand-in-hand with the best-of-the-best, top-notch Realtors worldwide. I've been privileged to serve twice as a Local Chapter President in the Women's Council of Realtors who specialize in relocation, referrals, and is the 12th largest Women's organization in the world.

With years of referring my buyers to other Realtors world wide, we have perfected finding the "Best Realtor to represent YOU" when purchasing real estate! And that's incredibly important because many buyers, unknowingly, call the Listing Agent, only to find out they represent the Seller, not you!

Call me today at 708-401-3155 for details.

                                      ~ Delores
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